Roof Guard Coating

These days coatings serve useful roles in the maintenance of all types of roofing substrates. They can be used to extend the service life of an existing system in nearly any environment, and in warmer climates they can offer significant energy savings. Asphalt coatings have long played a role in extending the life cycle of black roofs by providing a renewable weather barrier over the field of the roof while offering additional protection at transitions and flashings. They form a seamless first line of defense against the environment, and provide an immeasurable service to the roof by helping to shed water. In the 1970s spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing emerged as a monolithic, lightweight alternative to conventional construction, with the coating serving as a breathable weather barrier over an extremely efficient layer of insulation. SPF roofs generally utilize breathable coatings based on silicone, urethane or acrylic chemistry, and they helped introduce “high-end polymers” to the roofing industry.

Apply protective coating to your cedar and tile roof today!

The benefits of our special coating for both cedar and tile roof cannot be over stated. See for yourself in the adjacent pictures the difference that is apparent without the application and with the application of our special blend of protection, designed specifically for the longevity of your roof. We recommend that with the cleaning, you use this opportunity and extend the life of your roof by applying the special coating. It will increase the life of your roof and protect it against anything the elements can throw it's way. Talk to us today on how we can make that happen with a mutually beneficially savings offer on this added service.

Here is a roof with proper coating applied.
A side by side comparison of a tile roof with and without protection
A side by side comparison of a cedar roof with and without protection